Stephen Roofing Inc. Knows Roofing

The Roof and The House: It's All Connected

Your roof has many integrated parts which are connected to siding, fascia, eaves, walls, etc. Your house has a roofing SYSTEM. Many times you don't have roofing problem, but the problem is something connected to the roof. You are sold a new roof but your problem is still occurring. While others may compete only on price and cut corners to rush on to the next job, Stephen Roofing Company takes the time to do a thorough roofing system inspection complete with diagnosing the root causes that go unseen by less qualified contractors.

We provide an evaluation and a solution to correct failure of any part of the system including attic ventilation/insulation deficiencies.

You won't just get a quote from us. Stephen Roofing Company will evaluate your roofing system, explain your situation and suggest alternatives both short and long term, while helping you understand the causes, solutions and choices you have so you can make an informed decision about the roof over your head!