Stephen Roofing: Leadership in Craftsmanship

Repair - Replace, or From Frame To Finish

Highly Trained, Highly Experienced, Professionally Paid, Properly Insured, Career-minded Pros

No subcontracted labor

Installations meet or exceed local building codes and strictly adhere to manufacturer's warranty requirements.

Stephen Roofing Company guarantees all jobs against faulty workmanship

Difficult Work Is Our Specialty

The roof leaks, there's stains in the ceiling, one wall has moisture in Winter, etc., etc.

We have experienced all types of roofing related household woes....and fixed them all!

If You Need It, We Can Provide:

  • Roofing Removal
  • Re-roofing
  • Insulation - Batts & Blown-in
  • Ventilation - Attic/Roof/Soffit Intake/Power Attic Fan/Bath Fan/Ridge Vents
  • Pre-finished Roof Flashings
  • High Performance Synthetic Underlayment
  • Name Brand Ice & Water Barriers
  • Name Brand Roofing Materials

At Stephen Roofing, we just LOVE referrals - it takes a long time for us to get repeat customers - OUR ROOFS LAST!